Message from the Editor

Well hello there, and thank you, for taking the time to listen to, watch, and or read our first release of WP Saskatchewan.

Momentarily at least, you have set yourself apart from the those who may be otherwise mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds, searching for something, and perhaps literally causing inflammation in their trapezometacarpal joints from thumbing past content.

From a maximum of 280 characters on one platform, a tik, a tok, a snap, Facebook post or Instagram story, to that which is filtered to prioritize what is algorithmically believed to be of interest to you, the chances of encountering anything online from outside of your browser bubble these days is about as likely as a week without wind in Regina.

To clarify, by browser bubble, I’m referring to basically everything that is seen online these days, whether wanted it or not. It can now go without saying that one click feeds another, and that Alexa, Google, Siri, and Chat GPT seemingly know more about our deepest desires than the psychiatrists, bar tenders, or hairdressers combined.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the benefits of AI driven feeds, and I’m far from sporting a tinfoil hat, it’s just that it seems as though many people have lost their ability to connect beyond a “like” or a “share”. They have hundreds of friends or followers yet are socially isolated from their community.
Whether you realize it or not, by opening WP Saskatchewan today, you’ve taken one small step towards helping re-establish your connection to the community in which you live.

Now, as you well know, most of the traditional connections to community, like newspapers, local TV, and radio, have lost a lot of their shine. I’ve not personally had cable television in well over 10 years. The radios in my vehicles, and those of most people I know, were long ago rendered obsolete by streaming services and podcasts. And now, there is a political struggle over whether or not local or other news is distributed on key social media platforms. Thereby severing yet another community connection.

All that said, I firmly believe that there is a desire, and need for meaningful local content, Saskatchewan lifestyle content if you will. Material that has some “meat” to it, and not just the kind of fluff that niche publications put together, only to wrap their advertisers into. Said content has to be delivered in a new way, one that effectively communicates the story and satisfies the appetite for community connection. This publication does that. In the pages of WP Saskatchewan you will re-find local.

Here is what we know, the act of turning a page and seeing a well laid out visually appealing advertisement, a captivating headline, or a great photograph, does result in real attention, and a desire for the viewer to see what is beyond that which first grabbed their eye. Many, who were once “readers”, find this our turning experience nostalgic, almost surreal. But people want more than a magazine, RIGHT?

WP Saskatchewan is more. You’ve likely already discovered that beyond the initial attention grab, but within the page, lies high quality video content, which can be viewed right within the layout without ever leaving the platform. Add to that, the option to read the story or interview transcript, if you happen to be someplace where watching a video with sound may be inappropriate, or, like you’ve already discovered, downloaded and listened to.

So what about the business model, how will this, a completely free platform, that looks suspiciously like a magazine, not fail like most of the magazines of late? There are two answers: A truly engaging publication platform with a broad spectrum of topics, and local Saskatchewan advertisers who have few, if any, other viable means by which to promote their products and services to prospective buyers.

For an advertiser, the WP platform provides as good a promotion as they may possibly want. The structure, like a magazine, requires the viewer to navigate page-by-page resulting in the true-impression benefit of a reader’s eyes landing on a static on-page advertisement. An ad which also acts as a hyperlink to a webpage, or alternatively, an ad that is served up as a play-in-place video similar in format to the rest of the video stories in WP. For a fraction of the cost of some traditional media advertising, WP offers greater benefits and real trackability.

Each release will contain approximately 8 stories presented in multiple media formats about the people who work and play in the province of Saskatchewan. Stories about “interesting Saskatchewan people or businesses” stories worth listening to. Topics may include recreation, sport, art, music, innovation, business, or for that matter, anything that can be deemed of interest in the province. Article durations will typically range between 3 and 12 minutes and be free from annoying and distracting outside-party advertising.

Without a ginormous advertising budget, we will rely on organic growth driven by existing subscribers, advertisers, and story participants to share WP with anyone and everyone. Through the provision of such a broad array of topics, the door is open for individuals and businesses alike to share a link to WP. After all, what’s good for Saskatchewan businesses is good for Saskatchewan people, and vice-versa.

WP also welcomes story ideas and content submissions for consideration. We willingly work with wise wizard-like wordsmiths who whittle words which waken wonder, so write to us, we wread everything.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations. It’s likely the most words you’ll ever hear from me. Be grateful you were not subjected to watching me read it. But please do, carry on, listen to more. Thanks for listening. Enjoy your time here, tell a friend.