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About WP: WP Saskatchewan is a truly engaging new content publication format showcasing the best of Saskatchewan stories! Full of meaningful, relevant, and timely local content, it’s the perfect platform through which to discover the province’s hidden gems, and best of all, it’s free!

From captivating feature stories full of stunning visuals that take you on a journey through Saskatchewan’s vast and diverse landscapes, to compelling profiles and riveting interviews with some of its most brilliant and inspiring residents, WP Saskatchewan is your ultimate guide to all things Saskatchewan. WP’s have-it-your-way immersive experience brings the stories to life, and whether you are a proud resident of Saskatchewan, or a curious traveler looking to explore its many wonders, there is something in it for everyone.

Although, not a safety publication, WP (Work & Play) Saskatchewan is a fund-raising production of the registered non-profit charitable Saskatchewan Safety Council (Charitable Registration Number: 11914-0382-RR). It serves the strategic priorities of the organization by creating community connections and provides a new platform upon which injury prevention messaging can be communicated.

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